In Honor Of

Ella Jane Petoskey

PetoskeyMy great Aunt Ella Jane Petoskey is one of my life teachers. She was born in 1880 and walked on in 1972. She asked me in 1954 to carry and represent the name of her grandfather and my great-great grandfather, Biidassige, which means “Light That is Coming.” She is a survivor of Carlisle Indian School. She lived in a small cabin in the middle of the woods just off the corner of M-119 and Turpinen Rd, west of Harbor Springs, Michigan.  Below is a 1908 graduation picture of her. —Warren Petoskey


Warren Petoskey Sr. 1922 – 2001


Warren Petoskey, my father, was a decorated Marine and served on a WWII POW Ship.

Mom and Dad – Warren and Juanita Petoskey


My mother, Juanita Petoskey, was an accomplished pianist.

More Family Photos

Us Kids and Aunt Nancy
mom and dad before they were engaged
Mom and Dad before they were engaged.
mom and dad and andrew
Mom and Dad and Andrew
Grandpa Petoskey, Mom and Me
Grandpa Petoskey, Mom and Me (Warren)





Aunt Lois and Arlene
Aunt Lois and Arlene


Don Petoskey
Don Petoskey


Jimmie Williams
Jimmie Williams